Let us promote swaranidhi in a big way in the world the reasons are:

  • We can see the place untouched by the sun, but can never view a music that is beyond 72 melakartha ragas.
  • Any raga can easily be understood with swaranidhi practice.
  • Awareness on all 72 ragas the source of any music.
  • Easy to learn the compositions.
  • Any musical language of the world can easily be digested.
  • Concentration power, will power, memory and sharpness grows.
  • Raga beejaksharas ( the sound waves of musical notations and semitones ) can enhance and vibrate the neurons and making the body and mind healthy.
  • Command on Carnatic music.
  • Respect on the position of musical india in the world.
  • Discipline and culture in the students.
  • An easy way of music.
  • Command on language and command on literary skills.
  • Learning the capabilities of 72 ragas in 6 and half minute can give the imagination capabilities to compose any situational global or local music.
  • Women folk can use this in the prardhana mandir in home to do poojas and practice swaranidhi as a regurlar prayer.
  • Swaranidhi is offering an opportunity to protect and preserve 72 melakartha ragas for the future generations. Thus Indian musics grandeur will be known to the future generations.
  • At a time, when the world is looking at Indian music with all hope, swaranidhi is giving a chance to the world to learn and work on this music. Even the Hindustani music has 10 that’s, that falls under these 72 ragas, hence swaranidhi can enhance the chance to learn this great conglomeration. All Indian musical styles are in this treasure.
  • Classical music is made very very easy that makes the BODY, MIND AND INTELLECT VERY HEALTHY AND POWERFUL
  • SWARANIDHI makes, music cross all global frontiers making the entire world one.
  • One world.. one music… that is SWARANIDHI
  • Even a musically unknown child ;can become a Swara gnani ( musical knowledge child) with swaranidhi project. With the practice of this 6 and half minute small keerthan of all the ragas can make the music student , now the world music base besides acquiring the capability to sing any song on the dias with ease and confidence. Just by rendering this keerthan as a small prayer, the student can have command over the global music with future practice.
  • This fine composition of swara veena pani can create sound waves through beejaksharas ( secret spiritual sounds ) of all the 72 melakarthas that offers ultimate concentration power to the students by eliminating the wavering status of the mind.
  • Hence, swaranidhi project gives utmost memory to the music students and ease to sing all the songs in all the 3 octaves. Considering the importance of swaranidhi 72 melakartha ragas composition in very very natural and simple form many sangeetha pundits have proposed this swaranidhi to be the very syllabus in Indian musical courses.
  • Swaranidhi can make music teaching easy and any global musical types and forms can be taught, once if we practice 6 and half minutes swaranidhi composition.
  • Through practicing swaranidhi 72 melakartha ragas composition of 6 and half minutes, the major secrets of global musical compositions with musical notations and semitones. Through practicing swaranidhi 72 melakartha ragas, both teaching and learning of music becomes very very easy. Hence, many musical stalwarts proposed swaranidhi to be practiced by music teachers and professors to make their teachings easy.
  • Through practicing swaranidhi 72 melakartha ragas, understanding of global music becomes easy, that paves the way to compose tollywood, bollywood and Hollywood filmi music easy and acceptable by the global audience.


Swaranidhi 72 melakartha ragas can be sung by anybody while offering pooja to God, and this devotional song of 6 and half minutes can activate the 72 angas ( the spiritual sacred points of body parts of divine shakthi energy ) can create a stable mind and removes all the negativities of the house, where ever this song is sung. Hence, this poojaakshara krama can give prosperity, peace, growth, happiness and harmony and success in person, profession, family and the society. In this way, swaranidhi gives ultimate bliss and ultimate happiness and offers total success. The students who practice music can sing this 6 and half minute swaranidhi song as a prayer to get excellent command over their future musical practice. Women can perform regular prayers with 72 melakartha ragas in the prardhana mandir in home and practice Swaranidhi as a regular prayer.


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