Swaranidhi is like that proverbial Akshayapathra ( Inexhaustible vessel ) for the World of music. It will be there for all the ages to come and for all the times to come. It is a treasure trove of swaras.

If you start the practice session by singing Swaranidhi, the 6.30 minute hymn, you will soon come to know all the 72 Melakartha ragas. You can later understand each and every raga in detail.

People who can sing all these ragas can create a new wave of compositions as their knowledge is ultimate and incomparable to others.

This new breed of youngsters who are empowered with Swaranidhi will create more vividly in an unimaginable way.
With more knowledge you get more power.

As you go ahead you’ll see living legends repeatedly say that this Swaranidhi is an Encyclopedia of Music.

Swaranidhi is the perseverant effort for 16 years of Swaraveenapani. But he declares that it is nothing but the grace of Goddess Saraswathy. However he continues his efforts to attain his goal of ‘Learn music easy ’ and ‘music for all’ of course music with newer standards.

Ideals of Swaranidhi

To raise the standards of music, globally. By that producing a new breed of World class musicians. To produce a Cd with 72 world class musicians and 72 instrumentalists who will perform these 72 Melakartha ragas on an international dais in the best standards possible which will be propagated around the World. Will see to it that the Cd is available worldwide in all music libraries, institutions etc. This propagation will highlight the stance of Indian music in the World music.

To establish a university of music where poor children will be taught free of cost Will be there for government to co-operate for all cultural programmes.

International cultural tours with music in focus will be encouraged.

To have cordial relations with all cultural organisations of all nations and arrangements of regular concerts.

In view of the future requirements studying history of music is essential. For that a library is to be established. It servers the purpose of both literary and audio works. Also mechanism for printing is to be readied.

As an inquisitive mind did give birth to Swaranidhi it knows that research and development is essential for furthering the Swaranidhi. Hence this university will patronise the research in the field of music.

This university would encourage physically challenged persons by teaching swaranidhi so that it gives them their livelihood .

When fine arts are safe the whole world is safe.when the world is safe mental peace dawns. As mental peace dawns onto the human society living standards will be naturally better. Violence will be eradicated.

As music therapy is already known the soothing effects of it will be utilised.


A song on three mothers,again incorporating 72 Melakarta ragas, namely mother who gave birth, mother earth and the language as a mother is written with name `Mathrugeetham’ by swaraveenapani and it will be translated into all popular languages on this earth through which it is intended to spread the message that they are there to be revered.

To administer this unforeseen task named Swaranidhi, it would work with you to spread itself on this planet.

It is advised to start your practice session daily with rendition of Swaranidhi, the 6.30 minute hymn by which the sadhak will come to know the roots of music itself and after mastering it he would be able to sing any form of music on this earth. That’s why maestros of Indian music suggested Swaranidhi be made syllabus of Indian music.

Every sadhak of Swaranidhi will gain the power of concentration and will be able to meditate which in turn will make him a task master in general. Of course memory power will be enhanced.

Melakartha ragas, most of which have become obsolete - will be again come to be handy and the secrets of them will be known and when used along with the technical advancements in the music field the work produced will be out of this world.

For Gurus who can master Swaranidhi with more ease, teaching their disciples will be even easier. For the commercial world even film songs too will have a new lease of life as composers now have more knowledge with them.

As a distant effect the society will have better citizens.

Swaranidhi will not only advise governments to place music in the syllabus of formal education but also frame the modalities for the same.

Swaraveenapani would like to visit all the music colleges, institutions, academies – not just in India but around the globe introducing this invention to all the students there who would enrich themselves and produce enriched music for the coming generations.

Please welcome the ultimate kind of compositions from the new generation India would be renamed as Sangeet Bharat and will gain unseen recognition.


Everyone knows that music is divine. Since ages many saadhakaas did attain moksha or relief from the Worldly affairs. Svaraveenapani joined 72 Melakartha ragas with 72 manthras for Goddess Saraswathy .

For any sadhak rendering this before goddess will give him the power of Bijaksharas and undoubtedly this is the way to reach the heart of goddess. It will give peace to the sadhak.

This is the Way, shown by Thyaagiah, Annamiah, Tukaram, Mirabai and many others.


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